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Yamba, NSW

Fall in love with how your body feels

At Connect Pilates Studio our goal is for you to fall in love with how your body feels, we are saying goodbye to being fixated on a number on the scales or the image of what a perfect body should look like & saying hello to creating a body that enables you to fulfil your passions & live life to its fullest.
Our classes are fun, dynamic, with a sprinkle of stretching & a dash of strength training to provide you with a kick arse full body reformer workout that will leave you craving more.
At Connect we value your individuality & believe that even in a group setting you deserve that personal touch, so you can expect to receive little cues & tactile adjustments from our instructors to optimise your workout.


  • Strengthen your core; glutes, pelvic floor, abdominals

  • Pilates balances the body, enabling your muscles to work at their optimal performance

  • Calms the parasympathetic, boosting your mood & making you feel good  

  • Builds muscle strength, both the global & small muscles are given love in our classes   

  • Improves balance & ankle stability, reducing the risk of you stacking it in your favourite high heels




Reformer the transformer loved for its ability to allow you to exercise lying down, this beauty is admired for her versatility, so long exercise monotony, hello creative, dynamic exercise sequences. How does the reformer work? The reformer uses springs & pulleys to create resistance to optimise each exercise, be warned a light spring doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Our top-secret spring selection method will get those muscles firing in all the right ways.   



At Connect we believe in the power of community, to laugh together when you just can’t grasp your left & right to complaining when the muscle burn kicks in, we know you love it really. We also love a good chin wag before & after class. So if you like your workout with a side of humour & topical chat we might be the studio you have been searching for..  



With three different class types available there is something to suit every level of fitness from flowing sequences to strength-based workouts through to stretching & soothing the soul we have you covered.  Head to our classes page for further info.



Manage your classes by booking online, at your convenience. Simply make an account via 'Book Now' and follow the steps shown in the video.



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Meet Gemma, Owner & Director of Connect Studio Pilates


After years of making charitable donations to gyms, pounding the pavements running, trying numerous team sports I discovered Pilates & hallelujah I had finally discovered a form of exercise I loved, transforming my relationship with exercise & my body. For years when asked what my fitness goals were, I wanted arms like Madonna or a booty like Beyonce, with Pilates that all became irrelevant, I just loved how Pilates made me feel, both mentally & physically. Pilates kept me sane whilst working in a high-pressured recruitment role, after class I would have a sense of quiet confidence that guided the rest of my day. Physically, I was able to move with ease, daily tasks became easier & as I became stronger the little aches & pains I experienced melted away. I was particularly proud of my posture not only did I stand taller, advantageous when you’re only 5’2, it made me feel more confident. Finally, after years of yearning for the perfect body, I fell in love with the body I have.


Fuelled by a love of Pilates & a passion for learning I embarked on a journey to become a Pilates instructor with Polestar & in 2018 Connect Pilates Studio was born with a vision to connect clients to their mind, body & community.

My qualifications are: 

  • Certified Studio Pilates Instructor (Polestar)

  • Certificate IV Mat Pilates Instructor (Polestar)

  • Boxilates Instructor (Boxilates)

  • Pre & Post Natal Pilates Instructor (Taube Pilates)

  • level 1 Yin Pilates