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About Connect Pilates Studio

Connect Pilates Studio was founded in 2018 by Gemma Pritchard with a mission to improve physical and mental wellbeing through movement.

Why Pilates?

  • It’s functional, enabling you to tackle everyday tasks with ease, from bending down to pick up the laundry basket, to being able to reach over head to get that wine glass off the shelf.

  • Pilates is a low intensity, low impact workout that improves muscle tone, strength and flexibility whilst being kind to your joints.

  • It decreases stress levels, increases endorphins and improves your mind body connection. 


Why Connect Pilates?

  • At Connect Pilates, you are more than just a number, we want to get to know you on a personal level your interests, hobbies, family, pets and much more.

  • We keep our class sizes small max 6 per class to ensure that you receive the individual care and attention you deserve.

  • We’re a social bunch, we love a good chat and we don’t take the classes too seriously. We laugh together when the coordination exercises confuse our brains and we complain when the muscle burn kicks in, we love it really.

  • Our classes are fun, varied and will keep you on your toes.

  • We care! We want to support you to achieve your goals in a safe and supportive environment offering exercise variations for any niggles, recent or current injuries or conditions.

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