Active ageing with Pilates

I believe that our bodies shouldn’t hold us back from living life to it’s fullest & research demonstrates that keeping active as we age is important for overall wellness, for example exercise can help with pain, mood and heart disease, to highlight just a few benefits. As we get older our bodies change & what we need / want from exercise may change. Goodbye high intensity exercise, heavy resistance & pounding the pavement running & hello low intensity activities like Pilates, walking & swimming which are gentle yet effective forms of exercise.

As we get older our bone density decreases & you may start to experience wear & degeneration in your joints & spine, you may have developed arthritis, osteoporosis or osteopenia, you may not have the strength or flexibility you had in your 20's, or your balance is not what it once was. This is where our active ageing class for the over 50’s comes in which is designed to increase mobility, flexibility & balance whilst improving strength & bone density.

What you learn in the Pilates studio will benefit you in your daily life, by teaching you effective movement patterns we can reduce the normal aches & pains the body experiences, allowing you to move with ease & confidence.

I love how Pilates can support you through all life stages. Pilates accepts you where you are, offering a wide variety of exercises & modifications for you to find the right challenge point for you with scope for advancement as your body gets stronger. It’s our job to respect where our body is, listen to what it is telling us & move in a way that honours our body which the Pilates repertoire accommodates so beautifully. All you need to do is start.

Ready to join us? Our Active ageing classes are held on a Monday & Wednesday @ 8:30am. Click here to book your session.

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Gemma Pritchard

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