How to choose the right Pilates class for you

Have you read through the class descriptions on the website but can’t decide between our Reformer and studio equipment classes? Let’s see if we can shed a little more light on our service offering to support your decision making.

If you are looking for a full body workout that improves your overall strength and flexibility and are injury and condition free then Reformer the transformer may be for you! Our Reformer classes are choreographed to provide you with a full body workout at either a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, allowing you to workout at the right level for you.

If you would like to join our Reformer classes I recommend starting with our beginner classes.  Whether you're a Pilates first timer or a Pilates addict our beginner class is a great way to familiarise yourself with the studio, the Reformer (each studio you have visited may have different Reformer brands / models) and with the Instructors teaching style.  After your first session you can reflect on how you feel and decide if the beginner class is right for you or if you could challenge yourself with an intermediate class. 

Want a more personalised approach? Our private and semi-private classes are all about you with a fully personalised class plan designed to achieve your goals and body’s movement needs in a 1:1 or maximum 3:1 setting, utilising a range of Pilates equipment including; Reformer, Pilates Chair, Spine Arc, Mat & small props. Our private and semi – private classes allow you to move at a pace and level that’s right for you whilst still feeling challenged and engaged.

Private and semi-private sessions can be enjoyed if you are pre or post-natal with mums & bubs sessions available (non- crawlers only), have a current injury or condition or perhaps you would just like a little you time and a more personalised touch.

The right class for you is dependent on the goals you want to achieve, how your body is feeling and how you like to work out, do you love the dynamic of a group class or like to work on your own thing with personalised support in a small group or private setting? You might even find you love a combination of both Reformer and studio equipment classes.

Still clear as mud? Contact the studio and let us help you find the right class for you.

Thanks for reading!

Gemma Pritchard

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