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Pilates is the best form of exercise ever created! Alright I’m slightly biased but seriously it’s amazing! Pilates is a low intensity resistance training that creates longer, learner, stronger muscles whilst being kind to your joints! Pilates is great for general fitness and for rehabilitation purposes.

There are many interpretations of the history of Pilates, our Pilates elders often disagreed on how Joseph Pilates taught certain exercises possibly because he adapted each exercise to the person he was teaching, anywho, the below is my interpretation of the Pilates history.

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates who was born in Germany in 1912, a sickly child who suffered from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever and dedicated his life to improving his physical health and fitness. Pilates was a gymnast, bodybuilder and boxer. These exercise methods along with yoga, animal movement and later dance when he worked with Ballerinas inspired his exercise method.

Joseph Pilates was enlisted during world war I during this time he further developed his exercise method. Whilst working in the hospital ward he attached bed springs to the head and foot of hospital beds to allow soldiers to exercise in bed and support their rehabilitation. The idea of using springs for resistance became the foundation of the Pilates equipment we use today and the hospital bed inspired the Reformer and Trapeze table.

During the 1920’s Joseph Pilates boarded a boat to America where he met Clara who later became his wife (a titanic inspired story without the heartache and sinking) and opened their fitness centre next to the New York City Ballet.

Pilates originally known as Contrology became popular with Dancers some of whom went on to study under Joseph including: Carola Trier, Eve Gentry, Ron Fletcher, Kathleen Grant and Lolita San Miguel who we refer to as Pilates elders.

Joseph continued to train clients, teach and create Pilates equipment until his death in 1967 at 87, great innings for his time which makes me believe Pilates keeps you young.

Ron Fletcher opened a Pilates studio in LA in 1970 which became a popular exercise method with Hollywood celebrities and has continued to gain momentum and popularity since then.

Pilates as an exercise method has continued to evolve with science. As our knowledge of the body grows how we teach Joseph’s exercises has evolved and adapted to provide you with safe and effective exercises to lengthen, strengthen and tone the body. At Connect we teach a dynamic form of Pilates designed to provide a full body workout combining classical and modern Pilates exercises backed with scientific research and understanding.

What to learn more? Come and join us in the studio to experience the benefits of Pilates!

Thanks for reading!

Gemma Pritchard

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