Pregnancy Pilates.

An increasing number of women are turning to Pilates to maintain their exercise routine whilst pregnant, so why is Pilates a great choice to support you through your pregnancy?

Pilates is a functional form of exercise

Meaning that the exercises you perform add value to your daily life preparing your body for birth and life after birth, from building your upper body strength to be able to carry your little one around to being able to get up and down from the floor safely to pick things up, often whilst hanging on to baby at the same time. Pilates has you covered.

Maintain or improve your posture

As your body changes shape and baby grows forward it can round your shoulders and chest. When working with pregnant clients I love to include lots of postural work to keep you standing tall and reduce pregnancy aches and pains associated with poor posture. Maintaining good posture is also crucial after birth as breast feeding, rocking the baby, changing, bathing and dressing the baby all involved being flexed forward meaning your posture can suffer as a consequence.

Pilates supports your balance

As your baby grows and your body weight comes forward your centre of gravity shifts impacting your balance. To minimise the risk of trips and falls we work on lower limb strength and stability.

Reduce pregnancy aches and pains

Achy ribs? Lower back pain? Restless legs? Pregnancy Pilates focuses on maintaining strength and mobility to reduce aches and pains getting in the way of you enjoying life.

Pelvic stability

During pregnancy your body goes through so many changes, it’s pretty incredible really and as the body prepares for birth the muscles and ligaments around the pelvis get looser thanks to the hormone relaxin which can result in pelvic instability causing pain and discomfort. Pregnancy Pilates includes exercises focused on pelvic stability and strengthening the muscles around the pelvis to support in maintaining pelvic stability.

If you would like to enjoy Pilates whilst pregnant it is best to start early in your pregnancy to receive the maximum benefits. Group reformer classes are safe for the first trimester only and our beginner level class is recommended. Our semi private Pilates classes are safe throughout your pregnancy and take a personalised approach to your workout, just like every pregnancy is individual so to should your exercise routine.

The most important thing when exercising during pregnancy is to listen to your body. When I was pregnant, I promised myself I would be super fit and active, working out every day. However, the reality was really different, some days even the thought of lifting my arm to apply my makeup or dry my hair was all too much. Pregnancy fatigue hit me hard in all trimesters and when I did have the energy to exercise, if I went hard and fast, I would have a two-day exercise hangover so movement for me became focused on building arm strength and reducing aches and pains, I had sore ribs, lower back pain and restless legs all of which I managed with Pilates stretches, physiotherapy and gentle walks with my dog. Enjoying stretches whilst pregnant made me so happy!

This experience is also why I am an advocate for fully personalised semi private Pilates to support you during your pregnancy as one day you feel so different to the next and these sessions can be fully tailored to how you feel on the day to ensure you move in a way that benefits you.

For further information on pregnancy Pilates or to book an initial consultation for semi privates contact the studio 0412 505 378 or

I look forward to supporting you through your pregnancy journey.

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