Strengthen your mind & body with Pilates

Pilates goes beyond the physical benefits of improving muscle tone & strength, flexibility, posture & also improves your mental wellbeing. Let’s look at 5 ways that Pilates improves your mental wellbeing.

Connect with your breath

Pilates utilises a particular breath pattern to assist or challenge an exercise. Focusing on the breath calms the mind, allows you to connect with your body, supplies oxygen to the muscles & removes waste product. When you focus on your breath it's challenging to keep running through your to-do list in your brain & gives you a break from the internal chatter.

Move mindfully

Joseph Pilates said ‘it is the mind that changes the body”. During your Pilates class focus on moving mindfully, feel the bones that are moving & the muscles that are being activated. Pay attention to the cues from your instructor & focus on incorporating these to enhance your technique.

Boost your mood

Pilates like other forms of exercise reduces cortisol and increases endorphins giving you that feel good factor after your class. We can also hold emotional tension in our muscles & Pilates through stretching the muscles can release emotional and muscular tension.

Engage your mind

Automated exercises like running or bike riding allow us to go on autopilot whereas Pilates requires you to engage your mind and body. Pilates offers a wide variety of exercises to challenge the mind & body, when we learn a new skill our mind is engaged. Pilates also incorporates lots of coordination which requires concentration to perform the exercise & work out our left from our right 😊

Exercise also pumps blood to the brain increasing your clarity of thought. It increases the size of your hippocampus which is responsible for your memory & improves the connections between your nerve cells & brain improving your memory & helping to protect against neurological diseases.

Improve your confidence

Pilates provides you with an inner strength that shines from the inside out. When you feel strong you feel confident. It improves your body awareness giving you an appreciation for the way your body moves & the amazing work it does to keep you alive. It also improves your posture & standing taller makes you feel more confident, its hard to hide in the shadows when you stand tall and glow from the inside out.

Ready to improve your mental wellbeing? Join us in the studio to workout your mind and body.

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Gemma Pritchard

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